Brandbach class 2016 / Malcolm Hays, Zoe Robson, Ophelia Rundle, Sean Gavin, Georgia Woodbridge, Sophia Cooper, King Feliciano & Dominique Stumbles


THE BRANDBACH is located in an imaginary cottage on the University of Otago’s shoreline. It is a virtual place where a diverse group of talented students make adventurous advertising ideas happen.  The view from its veranda is a local one: its floorboards are rooted in the Southern traditional breeding ground for avant-garde business, music, fashion, art design and critical thinking. The bach benefits from the particular heritage of Dunedin’s off-beat Scarfie culture. Outside, its reputation enables global ambitions and connections. Inside, the bach has the zippiest collaborative digital platform in creative education.




Brandbach class 2015 / Mary Quigg, Hannah Clement, Peter Koro, Olivia Robins, Juliette Philips, Kara Blair, Laura Marwick, Cambell Jarvis and Briar Reidy.



Brandbach class 2014 / Seb Tasi , Josie Adams, Steph Rigter, Gabe Mathieson, Kate Welsh,

Anna Campbell, Nathan Wilson, Amy Dalziell, Lena Plaksina, Becks Brown and Johnny Sekhbraoudine.


Brandbach class 2013 / Kimberley McCone, Isabella Howard, Jimmy Reid Lourie, Hillary Rock-Archer, Elena Davenport,

Siobhan Kelly, Louise Blakely, Ruby Wilson, Rebekah McNutt, Ella Newell and Alex Carruthers.


Brandbach class 0f 2012 / Zac Metin, Ceire Hopley, Anna Enright, Bridie-Rose O’Leary, Matt Anderson,

Edineu Martins, Jess Peck, Rachel Enright, Fatima Gardezi, Kristin Borley, Amber Chambers and Sam Stuchbury.

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