The Diploma for Graduates Endorsed in Advertising has worked on past projects with many companies, agencies and brands and aims to prepare talent for some of the following broad professional profiles:


Students with creative and digital ambitions often have ideas for start-ups or just want to get sharper at making their ideas happen in a way that sustains a freelance career in a pure art or digital playing field   At the same time advertising agencies are looking for young talent that is able to take responsibility to run a business. The 400 level entrepreneurship modules and the 355 projects (for both see recommended electives) are highly recommended as part of the DipGrad selection of papers.


Advertising agencies are the forefront of digital developments. The DipGrad helps information science and computer science students to position their knowledge in the area of advertising and become conversant in its creative frameworks, but may also offer a one year digital extension option for graduated marketing students. Computer Science options include a sequence of coding and app development papers in semester 1 and 2 as part of the DipGrad.


A pursuit chosen by students who have graduated in the School of Art (Dunedin, Massey, Auckland, abroad) or in a Polytech Communication specialisation. For these students this DipGrad adds a dedicated year to bolster their professional opportunities by enrolling in senior marketing and digital courses.


A track for students who have graduated in Humanities, most likely in English. The DipGrad offers the chance to fine-tune writing skills in the context of commercial projects, and in art and copy teams for creative concept development. Students in copy writing are recommend to take (digital) story telling papers in English.


The industry is always looking for dedicated new talent who have the background, broad curiosity and the education to claim junior positions as a conceptual and/or engagement planner in an agency. The DipGrad allows the best marketing students to prepare for his elective professional choice at the cutting edge of innovation. Ambitious students may choose a Master of Business option with a planning focus.


The DipGrad Endorsed in Advertising offers the opportunity to compete at a senior level in the core papers and modules, and work in multi-disciplinary student teams. The Diploma is a good option for those who:

  • require additional training with or without the objective of undertaking postgraduate study in the marketing discipline;
  • require training in the marketing discipline without the necessity to undertake another full degree programme;
  • wish to extend their knowledge in the marketing area and bring it up to date;
  • wish to gain the equivalent of an additional major subject;
  • wish to satisfy the requirements of an external body.

In the past, students who choose DipGrads that include one, but usually more marketing courses at 300 level, have come from a wide variety of backgrounds in humanities, sciences, other business disciplines; from the School or Art or a dedicated discipline in the Polytech. Participants in the programme may want to apply knowledge from other disciplines in a commercial marketing context with the objective of employment prospects.  This DipGrad appeals to :

  • students who want to add a year to a marketing major by choosing an elective range of courses that prepare them for a specific vocational ambition and future employment
  • students from other disciplines who are on track to complete a Marketing Minor and want to upgrade to a DipGrad
  • students from other disciplines without prior marketing education, who want to add the equivalent of marketing as a Major, and want to take higher level courses only
  • students who want to compete at the highest level of the advertising discipline and want a dedicated  year of grooming for industry positions.



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