International Exchange

The advertising specialisation at the University of Otago is an amazing opportunity for international and exchange students, to and from Dunedin.  The Brandbach participates in the main regional and international student planning and creative awards, and in our smaller country has close project-based relationships with agency networks and brands that are rare in the main centres of Europe and the US. This means that international and exchange students can enter for recognized awards that could define their careers in their home countries.

There are opportunities for international students who want to do the full one year Diploma for Graduates Endorsed in Advertising at Otago:

All dedicated advertising courses are now staged in a 13 week period from early July – early October.  This is attractive for COP (Certificate of Proficiency) and other exchange students who come to the beautiful South for a single semester  and include MART 333 – Creative Marketing Communication – a class of 40 students that enables close collaborations with local students  in a zippy digital platform for quick ideations and critiques and MART 469 advertising concept and planning  a small dedicated group limited to 12 students of mixed talent : art, copy writing, strategic planning and digital engagement:


University of Otago students may take 3 of the 7 papers required for a DipGrad at an overseas University.  For the DipGrad it would mean that you aim to spend semester 1 overseas, at a University that has a good offering for the specialisation. Places have to be booked early and are subject to availability via the international exchange office of the University:


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