The Diploma for Graduates in Advertising

of the University of Otago

is in the virtual Brandbach,

located in Amsterdam,

a multiplicity across the seas

& where ever you want it to be.

In the first half of 2018 its caretaker Dr. Roel Wijland will be on research study leave at the University of Melbourne and work on his lyrical planning project. The two compulsory courses of the DipGrad are scheduled in semester 2.

MART 333 Creative Marketing Communication is the vocational introduction to content generation in marketing and operates in the imaginary Brandbach, an advanced digital platform for weekly industry projects. MART 469 Advertising Planning and Concept Development is the academic exploration for engagement planners and concept makers, and delves into advanced theory and performative methods. You need an adventurous mind and work as an idiosyncratic maker to combine these papers.

You are encouraged to choose your other intellectual challenges in five papers from any discipline on Otago’s campus, from art to comp sci, from poetry to marketing, or consider an eclectic semester of international exchange to hone your craft and intellect.

The DipGrad is a suitable choice for the unadapted brave student who want to make a difference in the creative industries.


























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