Class of 2016

from left to right: Malcolm Hayes, Zoe Robson, Ophelia Rundle, Sean Gavin, Georgia Woodbridge, Sophia Cooper, Karlo Feliciano & Dominic Stumbles

Otago’s senior year 4 advertising class may be taken as part of a Masters, PGDip, Honours or the dedicated Advertising DipGrad.

The specialised one year Diploma for Graduates Endorsed in Advertising at the University of Otago aims to prepare ambitious students (completed BA, BSC or BCom) for a highly competitive industry. A DipGrad is one of the most flexible options to study at the University of Otago : beyond the two core advertising papers, you may include courses from any department (see structure, options and recommended elective papers. It is a great possibility for students  to tailor-make a year of top level education in a way that suits individual goals and objectives.

In general the Diploma is accessible for any student who has completed tertiary education and who has earned a degree. Prospective students may have a background in humanities (English, Art History, Philosophy, The School of Art), Sciences (Computing), Law or Business (Marketing and Information Sciences), or may want to upgrade their Marketing Minor to a DipGrad. The DipGrad structure allows students to continue their personalized education and aim for awesomeness for art, copy, strategic or digital vocations and entrepreneurship.

The Diploma may contain courses at 100 – 200 – 300 and recommended courses at 400 level. Depending on the specific course choices, a full year local fee of approximately NZ $ 5.500.  You need to formally apply for admission to a DipGrad, just as one applies for admission to the various postgraduate qualifications, such as masters’ degrees. Individual papers may be taken as special interest papers or as part of  the Honours, PGDip or MBus programme, by local or international students.

The specific Diploma for Graduates Endorsed in Advertising consists of papers worth 128 points, including:

  • MART 333 Creative Marketing Communication (18 points)
  • MART 469 Advertising planning & Concept Development (20 points)
  • A MART 300 level paper (18 points)
  • A choice of 4 other papers at any level from any discipline (72 points)

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The core of dedicated advertising papers comprise of some 70 formal lectures, workshops and ideation sessions, resulting in industry connected and academically inspired output.

MART 333 Creative Marketing Communication (semester 2, 18 points)

The introductory course of the Brandbach paper series is built around an innovative digital collaborative platform. Its aim is to enhance the understanding of the aesthetic theory and practice in advertising. The course enables students to develop a style and point of view in commercial communication and helps students from business and other schools to develop critical business skills in linguistic and visual environments.


MART 469  Advertising Planning & Concept Development (semester 2, 20 points)

The Brandbach advertising specialisation is endorsed by CAANZ (the New Zealand association of advertising agencies) and as such the bach is the University of Otago’s representative in national awards for advertising creativity. In this course students will develop and execute four creative and planning concepts.  It  focuses on the conceptual and pragmatic planning of advertising engagement and propagation and includes performative methodologies for insight generation and ideation. The sessions are informed by the history, current practice and possible futures of the planning function in advertising.  The course includes living case studies for behavioural change in close collaboration with major agency networks in the industry and entry in international planning awards.


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